August 13-17, 2020
Select Weekends Fall 2020–Spring 2021

Wendelin Scott, Amy Spurlock + Shawn Parell



YogaSource’s Yogic Study & Teacher Training is a two-hundred hour course that offers dedicated Yoga students an intensive 8 months of study and practice. The program is designed for students who aim to explore the full spectrum of Yoga, as well as for those who feel a call to become, or explore becoming, a Yoga teacher. Participants in the program will become well versed in the history, origins and timeless practices of Yoga while at the same time develop the ability to carry forth and transmit this knowledge in a fresh, personal and contemporary way. Our training is a safe, supportive and inspired environment for process-based learning. Self-reflection, self-discovery, personal growth and healing are at the heart of our approach. This program aims to rigorously and joyfully transmit the study and practice of Yoga and its methodologies of teaching.

This YogaSource Program is a deep immersion into asana exploration and training and includes unlimited studio yoga classes with core faculty. Students have access to fully exploring different styles of asana while refining their practice and honing their art as a teacher. This program is very unique in that it offers qualified graduates the opportunity to teach at YogaSource in the Donation Class Program. The Donation Class Program supports graduates in gaining precious and essential teaching experience.

The YogaSource Yogic Study & Teacher Training meets and exceeds the 200-hour requirements put forth by Yoga Alliance the national standard in Yoga education.

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