Christine Bednarek

Christine is dedicated to supporting and guiding others in the experience of Yoga. With a decade + of teaching experience and over 23 years of personal practice, Christine holds space for Yoga as an embodiment science and life practice. She is a licensed registered nurse and a certified biodynamic craniosacral therapist. With a background in fine art, she continues to connect with the creative arts as a healing modality and nurtures a life-long relationship with our planet Earth.

Christine brings to her teaching a reverence for the living biology’s interface with the energetic circuitry of the human body. She teaches with a heart-centered focus that guides breath integration into the structural and felt bodies to create freedom within the subtle bodies. With Earth + Sky and support from the elemental realm as allies to transformation, she fosters an approach that encourages individuals to cultivate inner knowing gained through direct experience. Christine continues daily to study and expand into the terrains of yoga and biodynamic craniosacral energy work and maintains a private practice in both traditions.