Community Action Class


We are grateful to be able to offer Community Action Classes at YogaSource. 
In these classes we come together as a community to raise energy, awareness
and funds to support local and global causes. 

We are so grateful to be part of a community that supports these efforts. Thank you
to everyone who supported our first fundraising class for people fleeing Syria at this time.
We will be offering another class to support this global crisis in the New Year.  

In our next Community Action Class on November 12th we feel a strong call
to raise funds for the people who are protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline. 

We feel the time has come to take a stronger stand in protecting the waters of this planet. 
The news that the great barrier reef has been pronounced dead is a deeply troubling and
saddening reality for us all. Please join us in support of people standing  
up to protect water from contamination.

All proceeds will be donated to:

The Sacred Stone Camp

Read more on this topic at the links below: